Total Social Media Management

$499.00 / month for 12 months

Say goodbye to the stress of social media marketing with Azuma Media’s social media management services. At an affordable monthly price, we develop a cohesive, results-driven social marketing strategy that helps your potential customers find you and helps you build trust with them every visit. Our complete social media management plan includes:

  • 4 posts every week (16 total posts each month)
    • 1 custom video post every month
    • Professional photos shot by Azuma (up to 15 picture posts each month)
  • Posts on up to 4 social media profiles
  • 1 Hour Commercial Photo & Video Shoot At Your Location
  • Additional functionality on Facebook (take appointments, automated chat messaging, offer/display services or products, or more)
  • SEO-Optimized profile (helps Google strengthen your credibility)
Additional Information

Harness the unthinkable with Azuma Media’s Total Social Media Maintenance plan. Today’s marketing has evolved into a comprehensive formula that can be difficult to navigate as a business owner. Most corporations have the money to spend on big-budget advertising that can propel them in front of millions of visitors instantly, but that’s not realistic for most businesses. Most companies in today’s densely populated market struggle to reach that golden page one of the popular search engines. Instead, take a different approach and partner with Azuma Media for your social media marketing needs.

Our Total Social Media Maintenance plan has multiple features that help you grow your business. During our initial analysis of your current social media presence, we optimize all of your social profiles for search engine rankings, create engaging features on your page (display services, take appointments, set up automated chat responses, and more). After our initial setup, we create a strategic social media marketing plan that focuses on your specific business goals (and how we plan to achieve them). Once your social media profiles are cohesive, optimized, and ready for content¬†– we’ll regularly post to 4 social media profiles, four times/week every month.

Having a consistent social marketing plan that your customers and new visitors can count on is key in moving up in the search engine rankings (like Google). Each month, we’ll visit your location to take professional photos and videos to add to your library of content. Using the content we create on location, we’ll post 15 professional photos and 1 video each month. Photos and videos that showcase your business and what you do will build your credibility and improve customer engagement on every post.

Having an easy way to connect with your customers every day is essential as a modern business owner. Quit trying to tackle the “social media mountain” on your own and get started today. We’re here to help make marketing your business easy and worry-free. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and start getting the customers you need, sign up below!


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