Basic Marketing Plan

$99.00 / month for 12 months

Starting a new business or just need a simple, but a comprehensive solution? Azuma Media offers our Basic Marketing Plan for those who need the basics. This plan will help you establish an online presence for your business. You’ll receive a custom designed multi-page website with essential pages, functionality, optimized content, and more. We also provide fast web hosting, domain management, a basic SSL Certificate, and even business branded emails.

Start building your online presence with an affordable solution that gets you the results you need.

Get 10% off our commercial photography and video services. We’ll use your photos and videos on your website (and you can use them on your social media too).

Additional Information

Tired of working just as hard on marketing your business as you are running it? You’re not alone. Many businesses try to DIY their marketing game to save on costs or they’re not sure if they really need to work with an agency. In our internet-first society, businesses are almost guaranteed to hit road blocks without dedicated business marketing solutions. This means expanding efforts across your website, search engine optimization, consistent digital marketing, and much more to get the results you need.

Azuma Media’s Basic Business Marketing Plan covers the crucial elements of marketing your business. We have a dedicated team of design, media, and digital marketing specialists that diligently help your business thrive.

For one monthly payment, we’ll help you by managing a domain that works best for your business (management for one year). We also host your website on our dedicated servers (1 year web hosting), so you never have to worry about downtime or slowdowns. Included in your web hosting is our business email services and additional back-end features. Receive one custom business email ($9.99 VALUE)  that’s linked to your website, that also includes spam blockers and website security support. We keep your website secure (while boosting your SEO) with an included Basic SSL Certificate ($40 VALUE).

One of the most beneficial elements of our business marketing solutions are our advanced, custom business websites. Under the Basic Plan, we’ll custom build your multi-page website. Every website comes with advanced functionality, search engine optimization, discounted photography and video sessions, and website content provided by us. 

We also setup your business listings on Google and other major search engines, so you’re getting traffic from every angle. Don’t wait any longer to get the business marketing solutions you need. Get started with Azuma today!


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