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Client Success Story: Adobe Signs & T-Shirts

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Each week we focus on how we’ve helped a current client achieve their goals and succeed in their market. This week’s Client Success Story features Adobe Signs & T-Shirts. Read more below about who they are, the roadblocks that were stunting their growth, and the results they received from working with Azuma Media over the last three months.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adobe Signs & T-Shirts were able to get more customers and make it easier to find them through a new website, Google My Business listing, and SEO services. They’ve received more calls, order requests, and store visits than prior to working with Azuma Media.
  • In the last three months, 85.2% of those who found Adobe on Google search were by searching for a related product or service (custom t-shirts in San Angelo, custom signs, etc).
  • During the last month, nearly 3,000 searchers found them by searching for a related product or service.
  • The typical website visitors spends nearly 5 minutes on their website (learning about what they do and their past work).

Meet Adobe Signs & T-Shirts

Adobe Signs & T-Shirts is a local San Angelo business that’s been serving the greater Concho Valley area for over 40 years through several owners. Located on the corner of Howard and Junius – the most recent owner’s of Adobe Signs & T-Shirts have been in operation for almost two years. Publicly known as Front Band Productions, Mark, Randy, and Derald are the co-owners behind Adobe Signs & T-Shirts. They are also supported by additional team members that provide a range of services that supports the day-to-day operations and production.

Overall, Adobe and their staff work relentlessly hard to provide a wide variety of services to residents and commercial clients across San Angelo. Their specialties range from Embroidery, Screen Printing, Vinyl Graphics and even in-house Graphic Design. However, even an established business such as Adobe Signs & T-Shirts (Adobe SEVG) had trouble reaching new clients and maintaining their growth.

Struggling To Stay Visible & Maintain Growth

Like many other businesses in today’s society, Adobe SEVG were struggling to reach new customers. They consistently made new updates on their Facebook page, but it didn’t always translate to new clientele. Adobe SEVG were even giving publicity to their business while on stage performing (in their band, The Front). Regardless, they still weren’t able to consistently maintain their growth. Only seeing spikes of service from returning clients or referrals from word of mouth.

It’s important to understand that Adobe SEVG wasn’t doing anything wrong in marketing their business. They just didn’t have a consistent online presence. In this digital age of business, it’s crucial to have a central location for customers to easily find online. So how did Adobe discover a better way of staying in front of their ideal customer? A chance meeting between Azuma and one of Adobe’s team members started the process back in July 2019.

Azuma’s Solution To A Common Problem

After reviewing where Adobe SEVG was in July, we established where they needed the most help and went to work. Our first step was establishing a solid online presence that both search engines and customers would love. Setting up Adobe SEVG’s listing on Google My Business helped both search engines and customers find them more easily. Whether someone was directly searching for their business or just searching for a related service they offered – their new GMB listing made it easy. With up-to-date, accurate information – it no longer confused the Google robots or interested customers.

Azuma also created a responsive, SEO-optimized website that focused on strengthening their presence online. To make it easy for them to connect with customers, we also created a request a quote form. This form sends them a direct notification with the client’s contact information and project details, so they can grow the client base without actively searching for them. Their website also showcases all of their newer and older work they’ve done, so they’re showing it off on their website and their Facebook page.

And not to forget the most important part – keeping it all of their past profiles and their new web presence connected. We made sure their Facebook had the correct information (including their new website address). Not only did we ensure their Facebook was accurate, but we also made several links from their website to their various other channels. Why is this important? Because it boosts their SEO rankings when Google can verify information like this.

Overall, Adobe SEVG now has a solid foundation from which to work from. Posts on their Facebook page are no longer unseen, and people can find them by searching for their services. But how does this translate to their statistics? We cover their latest quarter results below.

Adobe Signs & T-Shirts Results: 3 Months Later

Once we got their website and business listing up, their numbers began to pour in. In the last quarter, Adobe SEVG has had 6,336 people (85.2% of searches) discover their business. Discovery means an Internet user searched Google for a service and they found Adobe SEVG. This is so important because it helps new customers find your business based on your offerings. They also had almost 1,100 people search for Adobe directly (and were able to find them).

In the last month Adobe SEVG saw over 2,700 searches on their Google Business listing. Even more exciting is that 86% of those searchers discovered Adobe’s services by searching for a related service. But these Google searchers don’t just view their business listing. Many people actually took more actions such as visiting their website, calling them, or even getting directions to their location. 33.6% of those who took an action, visited their website, while 52% of action-takers called Adobe Signs & T-Shirts.

Another great way of looking at their success is viewing their website statistics. In the last month, Adobe has seen many website visitors not only visit their new site – but actually read and learn more about them. In the last month alone, 85.8% of their total site visitors were new visitors and those users spent an average of 4 minutes and 58 seconds on their site. When you have a website, you want your visitors to spend time learning about your business.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, when you walk into Adobe Signs & T-Shirts these days, they’re busy doing what they love and serving customers from all over San Angelo. Mark Hudman, one of the owner’s of Adobe SEVG, says, “..before no one was coming into our shop. We got robocalls and calls from the occasional customer, but we were struggling to grow our client base. Now we’re serving customers online, over the phone, and in our store. Azuma has helped make that happen for us.”

We’re proud of helping local businesses like Adobe Signs & T-Shirts be successful online. Azuma Media makes growing and maintaining your business online easy and affordable. Whether you need a new website, help getting found online, social media, or more – Azuma Media can help you achieve it.

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