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Client Success: Corny Pops Gourmet Popcorn

Meet Corny Pops Gourmet Popcorn, our latest client that is receiving amazing results with our Business Marketing Plans. Read more to learn about how we helped Corny Pops grow their engagement, page views, organic search, and more in this week's Client Success Story.

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Starting each week on Monday, we’ll be sharing exciting news and our client’s growth they’ve seen since working with us. To start off our Client Success Stories, we would like to introduce you to Pops from Corny Pops Gourmet Popcorn.

Before Azuma Media

We met Gabriel “Pops” Rangel about a month ago. Corny Pops began serving a wide selection of delicious treats made by Pops himself earlier this year in April. Serving the perfect study snacks from Pierce and Avenue N, Corny Pops is in a great location for ASU students to discover amazing deals and exciting new flavors. However, after several months of being open, and even a large fan base on his Corny Pop’s Facebook Page, Rangel was not serving as many customers as he’d like.

After talking with Mr. Rangel about his goals and what his current web presence looked like, we discovered he had no online web presence besides his Facebook page. Like many other business owners across the U.S., he assumed the people that were on his Facebook page would just come into his business eventually and that by marketing with local print advertisers or hosting contests that he could attract more business.

Connecting with his online fan base and offering specials to entice potential customers is a great strategy, but Pops needed a good foundation. Pops had no online presence through Google or other business directories. He wasn’t targeting his customer base in an active way through his social media channels. And most importantly, he did not have a website for Google and other search engines to reference for the correct information.

The Results

We set up a few foundational marketing essentials for Corny Pops and saw enormous growth in just 28 days. By setting up a responsive, high-quality website (, establishing Corny Pops across popular search engines, and helping him create a specific marketing plan for his business – Pops is now seeing regular customers (both online and in-store). Want to see his growth?

Across all of the Google platforms, Corny Pops has seen 100% increase in views, engagement, and activities. To break it down, in the last 15 days alone, 393 people viewed his business listing, 285 people found him by searching Google, and over 1,600 people have either gone to his website, called his business, viewed his business photos, and asked for directions. Since he wasn’t leveraging Google to market his business, he saw a 100% increase across the board – just for Google alone.

Since Corny Pop’s has been established on Facebook for a few months, we had more of a percentage increase to measure from when we started working with him to now.

Post ReachPost EngagementPage Likes
In the first 28 days:10,600 people viewed his posts (+151%)2,506 People interacted with his posts (+218%)97 new people liked his page (+8%)

To top it all off, just in the first 28 days on Facebook, Pop’s has reached almost 12,000 new people who have viewed his posts, but we’re already fans of his page (4,700 more people from the last 28 days) and saw 551 new page views (up 246 page views from the last 28 days).

While Corny Pops had a well-established Facebook page, he wasn’t seeing the customers come in and people often had no clue his business existed. Now, Pop’s is seeing customers every single day he’s open and has had to restock multiple times in order to supply the demand in San Angelo for incredible gourmet popcorn and other delicious treats . . . all after just our basic marketing services!

If you’re tired of doing all the heavy lifting of marketing your business and you’re not seeing the results you’d like – give us a call. We’re locally owned and we offer affordable services that really make the difference in your day-to-day operations. And don’t forget to stop by Corny Pops Gourmet Popcorn to enjoy some of his treats!

Azuma Media Solutions

Azuma Media Solutions

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