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7 Common Myths About Working With A Marketing Agency (And How It Can Help Grow Your Business)!

In this week's post, we're focusing on the most common myths we hear about working with a marketing agency. If you've been thinking about a better way of marketing, but weren't sure what working with an agency like us was like - learn more below. Marketing agencies focus on putting their client's needs first and grow with you to ensure long-term success.

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Just the word “marketing agency” can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re a small business that’s been doing most of your marketing on your own. But an agency is just like an other business, except they have a team of specialists all focused on different levels of marketing your business. For example, here at Azuma Media, we have specialists in photography and video production, customer service, website and graphic design, and digital marketing.

Although we have a team of people that help our clients succeed, there’s many reasons why working with a marketing agency can help you grow and reach your goals. If you’ve been hesitant about working with one because of something you heard or a misconception about how we can help – then read on. We’ll discuss common misconceptions and really give you an inside look at how a marketing agency works for you.

1. Only big companies are working with a marketing agency

Every marketing agency is different and some do work with larger clients exclusively. However, a large majority of marketing agencies work with businesses of all sizes. Remember, a marketing agency’s goal is to help their clients succeed and develop a long-term relationship with them.

If you encounter an agency that only works with larger companies – look around! There are tons of agencies in every city that help a variety of clients and businesses.

2. An agency won’t be able to keep up with my industry

We hear this misconception a lot when working with clients. Every business IS different and industries vary from updated tools to new industry standards. However a crucial part of every project is the research phase.

In every project, marketing agencies research their client’s industry in-depth to understand industry specific terminology, statistics, and best practices. We also continue to develop our knowledge bases so we can most accurately produce content that works for your specific industry.

3. You only get statistics and ROI data

Although we do use statistics and data to help measure our success, it’s definitely not the sole product that we produce. In fact, when you’re working with a marketing agency, you’ll actually use your goals to determine measurable success. If your business needs to increase visibility on social media, we focus on the key ways we can help you achieve that.

We use data to help us understand if specific marketing endeavors are working towards your goals. However, we base all of our goals and data on the end goal you want to achieve (whether that’s social media page likes, website clicks, improving conversions, and much more).

4. I won’t have control over the final product

Another big misconception our clients worry about when working with a marketing agency is they won’t be able to have control over the final product. But if you invest in something, wouldn’t you want to be able to make changes or give your opinion on the final product? Who wouldn’t? If you’re investing in your business’s marketing success, you should be able to make the changes needed and not have to fight for them.

When we finish a project, we always give time for revisions and edits. Even after the project is completed (whether it’s a website, graphic design, video production, or any other service), we talk to you about your monthly goals and how we can help you best achieve them. If we need to go back and make changes – we do.

5. A large up-front payment is required before getting started

This myth can relate back to the first misconception we talked about. Every marketing agency is different and some do require a lager down-payment up-front before providing services. However, it’s important that you look around and talk to the different agencies in your area about your budget needs before working with a marketing agency.

Azuma Media works with small to large businesses to help them get the marketing services they need (within their budgets). If you need to start small and work your way towards a more comprehensive service in the future, that’s what we and many other agencies do best. Don’t let fear of your budget prevent you from getting the services you need!

6. The client is required to produce all the content

Some agencies require clients have all of their website or social media content planned out. However, most of them do provide content writing services for an extra charge. However, make sure you know the key information that your agency will need to know in order to develop your content.

Azuma Media actually produces all of our client’s content as a part of their service. However, just like other agencies, we plan an initial meeting where we can get the most crucial information about your business and learn more about your goals. This helps us write content that’s specific to your business, industry, and goals.

7. They just collect a check after the project is done

Most agencies always focus on building long-term relationships with their clients. Not only does this help your business grow and be successful for the long-term, but it is better for your agency too!

Marketing strategies need to be tweaked, goals and plans change, and it’s important for your business to move with your market. By staying in touch and providing consistent, reliable service in the long-term, it can help your business be more successful. Although every agency is different, Azuma Media uses monthly strategy meetings to check in with our clients and make sure we’re helping them reach the people that matter to them (while reaching their business marketing goals)!

So what does all this mean for your business?

The biggest takeaways you should take from this post include a couple key facts. Every marketing agency is different (and you should look around until you find one that fits your needs). You don’t have to have a large budget to start working with a marketing agency. And most of all, remember that an agency’s purpose is to work on behalf of your business. Our whole job leads back to making your business more profitable (without having to wear the multiple hats of marketing and design specialist).

If you’re looking for a local agency that puts their client’s above profits – come have a conversation with us at Azuma Media! When we built our agency, we focused on how we could help a variety of businesses succeed without all the red tape and far away representatives. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you, so we can better help you grow in the future. When you start your next search for a marketing agency near you, keep Azuma Media in mind.

Our name literally means “Home” or “The home that has everything your looking for” and we stand by that promise to every client we encounter.

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